Vascular Training 1.0

Software used for training in       medical imaging and        reconstruction of 3D aorta. 


  • Select your area of interest

    Easy selection of your area of interest to segment.

    Leather Wallets

  • Segmentation in one click

    Segment the abdominal and thoracic aortas.

    Brown Leather

  • Precise measurement tools

    Measure through the centerline and outerline, find diameters, angles, CPR reconstruction, MIP, etc.


  • Analysis

    3D reconstruction of the segmented aorta with superimposed 2D reference images.

    Neck Strap

About Emedica

At Emedica, we develop medical imaging solutions adapted to all health sectors.

  • Constant Innovation

    We have lines of investigation open in various medical sectors.

  • Precision tools

    We develop tools and modules that are agile, robust, and of the highest precision.

  • Name
  • Vascular Training 1.0 now available

    An intuitive interface with advanced measurement tools

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